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August , 2018

A check for $10,000 was recently given to Sr Carmen from the Friends of the Good Samaritan Orphanage.

As you know this Orphange for Special Needs Children and Adults is in San Pedro Sula , Honduras.
We continue to send monetary donations that have helped maintain and add on to this home for the homeless through your generous donations.

Thank you all that inquire about the Orphanage, but please know that it is located in Honduras, not the US!! We cannot take in goods, only donations of money are welcome, but most welcome !Please see how tom donate by hitting the donate button.


A check will be heading to Honduras to the Orphange from our many generous donors $7000.

We hope to use this money for some personal needs for the Special Needs Children and new fans that are still needed for the newly opened building !

Thank you again , and we hope to post some new photos of the new building soon!

New Building will be open by years end!

We were not able to fundraise as well as we normally do the past year. We are trying to do a huge push at years end to make up for the year. Discussions of a benefit are in the works in NJ. We are looking for companies or businesses to help in the benefit as a write off. If you know any company that may want to assist please have them contact Jacquie @ 908 456 5336. To everyone that has assisted us the past few years we could not have done everything we did, without your help, support, and encouragement! The new building that has been under construction for 5+ years is opening and will start to be used in 2015!!! We also have a few troops of girl scouts and boy scouts making holiday cards for the kids. Please let me know if you are also interested. We also have a continuous shoe drive going on with Shoe recycling. We collect old shoes and donate them to shoebox recycling, they in turn pay us $20 per box collected. If you are interested helping us collect old shoes it is easy to do! Set up a box in a school, church, temple, etc! All money collected goes to orphanage 100% of it!


There is a SCAM out on Facebook requesting $$ for Friends of the Good Samaritan . I have had calls from CA, and NM this week. The Scam sender is claiming to represent Joel Osteem, a Christian Evangelist. Please do not send a donation related to this notice ! We would love to have your donation , or invite you to learn more about the very Special Needs Orphange located in Honduras, but we have not sent out any requests through Facebook in this manner! Thank you .

New building: Hermanas de Jesus Buen Samaritano Orphanage - progress...

The nuns are committed. They patiently offer tours of the new building to anyone interested and willing to donate a few dollars. It's the way. Patience, faith and perseverance, five years in the making and still continues. "God willing" it will be completed this year and the loving nuns who give their lives to handicapped children can continue the tours. Not to strangers, but to their children as the wards are filled with beds, teddy bears and smiles.

A friend recently traveled to San Pedro Sula, Honduras and took many photos to apprise us of building progress. As we note, floor tiles, ceilings, electrical wiring, windows are in place. The building continues one step at a time. It started in 2008, five years later, it persists with small and large donations that represent hours or months of labor. The building will house 25 additional children as well as 25 homeless women.

The tours thus far, are worth $600,000. They must continue in order to meet the remaining $200,000 needed to complete the building. We’ve had the good fortune of receiving a commitment from members of the non-profit “World Orphan Fund” who visited the home this January 2013. They will raise $150,000 by Y.E. 2013. Our non-profit “Friends of Good Samaritan” is committed to raise the remaining $50,000.
Will you help us raise this remaining amount in 2013? It will free the nuns to offer the tours they'd really like to give: to their own children.

A little more about us and what we do...

Friends of Good Samaritan (FOGS) is a group of women committed to assist the orphanage. Mary Ann is president and a great motivator as well as tireless fundraiser. Most of us have walked through the home and been touched by these children. Many of us aren't fund raisers by nature and we do what we can through letters to family friends. What we manage to raise is not huge. As we fundraise we send 100% of monies collected to Sister Carmen and the orphanage. Our philosophy has been to give and let them administer the funds as they see fit. These women have given their souls for the home and built it to the level it has reached today.

The last two years have brought Honduran women into our circle. They are not on our board but relationships are being built to allow for strong partnerships. They are "our feet in the home" and we listen and try to assist with items they perceive as valuable or important. Ultimately however, we respond to Sister Carmen, she is the decision maker. Sister Carmen is a strong woman with a clear vision and unwavering faith, we turn to her for the final say.

Historically their (Hermanas De Jesus Buen Samaritano) philosophy has been asking for "people to give from the heart" or "in what moves them". They prefer not to market or give recognition rather hand the donation to God who will reward the donor. They are also very strong about preventing pictures of the children from being displayed for fear of exploiting these children. We respect and honor their wishes. We try to describe the home and our experiences through words and use the pictures minimally or as needed.

We have recently come into contact with another organization called The World Orphan Fund. They have visited the orphanage and have met with the sisters and are excited and committed to assisting in our efforts. This group is what we sometimes refer to as, "God sent". We look forward to working with them in our near future.

An article recently printed in the San Pedro Sula newspaper and we wanted to attach the article. Please see below for the link. I will also add the English translation below. Please keep in mind we used google translate to translate this article so the words are not perfect.

Thank you and God Bless Jacquie Dupras

English translation of article..."Slowly and quietly develop a labor of love that has not already been enough physical space because every day there are more needy.

The Good Samaritan Home is a refuge for orphans with special disabilities have been left alone for various reasons. In that place have found the love and guidance they need served by the Sisters of the Good Samaritan Jesus congregation.

In 2008 began the construction of two buildings in order to expand coverage, but to the lack of financial resources to the works they lack finishes and equipment.

The Mother Superior, Carmen Bueso, runs home and share it but not like their work out into the public, do not want to miss a call for public solidarity to support them.

"We still need help to finish the project," he said.
Originally valued at 12 million lempiras, but the cost of materials for the finishes have increased and now need four million lempiras to finish.


When property is missing doors and windows. Municipal authorities offered to help with this, but so far have focused home.

Bueso said the public can also work with what they need to prepare it, you need to equip a pharmacy, kitchens and bedrooms.

"We need beds, cribs special as the ones in the hospital, metal, refrigerators, stoves. The needs are many, both drugs, food, hygiene products and other ", he said.

The Good Samaritan Home are served children and youth with physical or mental disabilities who have been abandoned by their parents or orphaned.
Currently residing in the home more than 50 children and adolescents. Share with them the religious Christian teachings, and despite his physical condition they are happy children.

The new building is intended to encourage more children and adolescents also seek to give shelter to the abandoned elderly, for it is also a haven built with single rooms.

In addition to the Sisters of Jesus the Good Samaritan, help with home aspirants, postulants and novices. They are also supported by a group of doctors including psychologists and priests. The City pays utilities like electricity and water, but this assistance still not enough.

The home survives on donations because there is no contribution from the Government through the Honduran Institute for the Family (IHNFA).

Formerly the home, working in San Pedro Sula for more than 20 years, was called "White City".

The sampedranos who like volunteering or visiting to share with children and young people and those who live at home can visit.
Families come to visit in order to develop in their children the gift of solidarity and gratitude to God.

On Tuesdays, Wednesdays Fridays and Saturdays from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm and from 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm doors open for those who wish to share their time.

Sunday from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. also allows the entry of visitors. "


Construction Progress

Sister Carmen just sent the following pictures of the construction at the orphanage. Wonderful progress! Here's her note:

"Buenas tardes Gayle
Como esta?
Me da mucho gusto saludarle y que nuestro señor Jesúcristo le bendiga siempre a usted y toda la familia
Les agradecemos mucho la ayuda que nos dan las personas de los EE.UU
Aqui le enviamos unas fotos de la construccion, hemos ido abanzando poquito a poco ya se colocaron la mayoria de las ventanas,está
por terminarse la instalación electrica y el cielo falso.
por favor hacerle llegar las fotos y nuestro agradecimiento a Mary ann
Un abrazo y bendiciones
att: Hermana Carmen Buezo"

"Good Afternoon Gayle,
How are you?
I am pleased to greet you and hope our lord Jesus Christ blesses you and your family.
We are grateful to all people who help us from USA.
Included are some pictures of the construction site, we have advanced in small steps and have added most of the windows, we are about to complete the electrical installation and drop ceilings.
Please send these photos and our thanks to Mary Ann.
A hug and many blessings
Sister Carmen Buezo"

Good Samaritan Orphanage News

Dear Family and Friends,

August 2011 marked our most recent trip to San Pedro Sula, Honduras. The boys and I traveled down to visit family and the children at the orphanage.

It is always a joy to walk into a home and be greeted with unconditional smiles and hugs, many, many hugs. The children in the home are not shy about giving and wanting attention. The girls ask to have their hair brushed into a pony tail, others want to be taken out to the mango tree and to search for one to eat. Those who don't ask are content to simply follow us through the home. Their gazes fixed on us and happy to receive a smile or caress to the cheek. I walk out elated and torn, always wanting to give more.

Photo - In Physical Therapy room with Lidia, Maria Jose, Mitch and my niece Valeria.

The industrial washer and dryer many of you helped purchase have arrived and are operational after a year of raising $11,000 to buy them and arrange for shipping. What these tools mean is more free time for the nuns to devote to the children as well as dry clothes during the rainy months when their immune systems are low. Thank you to all who generously gave money for the washer and dryer.

Our board at "Friends of Good Samaritan" has had the pleasure of collaborating with a group of Honduran women who share our passion for helping the children. They are diligent in ensuring shipments are cleared through customs, buying special supplies or finding a doctor or specialist when needed. One is a physical therapist with years of experience who is building up supplies for the physical therapy room which is key for all these boys and girls who cannot use their muscles.

Photo - Reina and Jenifer wearing "Solmate Socks". Donations from Solmate Socks, Strafford, VT

Funding for the coming year will be used for:

* a hospital stretcher for moving kids from beds to shower. Currently the nuns risk back injury from lifting the children.
* shower chairs to support disabled children while showering.
* the building addition.

The construction of the building addition is an ongoing capital project. It will house 30 additional children beyond the current 70 as well as 25 elderly homeless women. To date $550,000 of the initial $700,000 project cost has been raised. A gap of $100,000 was filled this year through a combination of your donations and Honduran efforts. Many thanks! The completion of the project is coming into sight with the remaining money going toward windows, doors, plumbing, electrical, and furnishings. Sister Carmen sees each brick that goes up as a victory and is grateful for the advances.

Photo - Construction, view of new kitchen in addition

The orphanage continues to teach me every day I am there. Every reflection brings me to a new realization about faith, acceptance, losses and victories. We continue to reach out on their behalf for support. Any amount you contribute will help.

Please make a donation today at 100% of your donation goes directly to the orphanage. The non-profit consists of a small group of volunteers who rotate travel to San Pedro Sula (at their own expense) delivering a check to sister Carmen while catching up on changes and volunteering with the children.

You can donate via credit card at our paypal account found at:

Or mail a check to:
Friends of the Good Samaritan Orphanage, Inc.
13 Lombardy Drive
Wilmington, DE 19803

Thank you for your support.


Update! Construction of the addition

The orphanage "Hermanas de Jesus Buen Samaritano" continues on its quest to fund the capital expense of an addition valued at $700,000.

The orphanage, adopts children into the home 'for life'. The impact of adoption 'for life' implies that children adopted in 1989, when the home was founded, are now adults. The home recognizes the need to separate quarters for older and younger as well as men and women. This has led to the construction of an addition to the existing building which allows for residents to share sleeping quarters with peers of the same age and gender. Space will also be made available for 30 additional children and 25 homeless elderly women.

The addition was started in 2008, the budgeted cost was $700,000, to date the building is close to 80% completed with $550,000 in donations. It is becoming increasingly difficult, however, for the home to raise the additional $150,000 required to complete the addition. The Honduran economy is experiencing set backs and donations are harder to acquire. Our 501c3 organization "Friends of Good Samaritan"in the USA is diligently working to raise funds to complete the addition which will enhance the quality of life for the existing residents as well as add space for new members.

Any donations you offer will be well used and greatly appreciated.

9/2011 update and a thank you to the family of Ronald Durkan

Good Morning,

For those of you who would like to join us o facebook the link to join us is!/groups/191097589317/ I recently posted some pictures on that page. If you scroll down a bit on this fb page you will find about 25 pictures posted.

We also have a cause page on facebook. This allows us to put a donate button on facebook, as well as allows us to enter contests with other non profits to raise funds for our non profit. The link to that is

We invite you to join on both of these sites. Sometimes word of mouth, or friends of friends, branches us off in a direction of someone wanting to help. So if you have a second please join us and invite your network of friends/family to do the same simply by reposting to your page or inviting friends to join.

Right now we are in the process of building a dormitory and we just shipped an industrial washer and dryer down to San Pedro Sula, thanks to the dedication of our President Mary Ann Wozniak.

We are in need of small and medium sized shunts, many of the children have Hydrocephalus also known as "water in the brain," it is a medical condition in which there is an abnormal accumulation of cerebrospinal fluid (CSF). If you know anyone that may be able to help us, send them our way!

Most recently we are receiving donations from the family of Ronald Durkan. The family chose to help this foundation to send donation monies to FOGS in lieu of flowers. Thank you Maria, Jennifer, and Ronald Durkan for their love, support, and donations throughout the years.

Thank you all for taking the time to read this. Please help us spread the word to get these children in this orphange the proper medical care, clothing, medical equipment, food, physical therapy, etc. If you can't help us financially the help of reposting or inviting friends to join us is AMAZING help. We have found so many contacts that way, so don't think that doesn't help us, it does!

Once again, thank you! Jacquie,