August , 2018

A check for $10,000 was recently given to Sr Carmen from the Friends of the Good Samaritan Orphanage.

As you know this Orphange for Special Needs Children and Adults is in San Pedro Sula , Honduras.
We continue to send monetary donations that have helped maintain and add on to this home for the homeless through your generous donations.

Thank you all that inquire about the Orphanage, but please know that it is located in Honduras, not the US!! We cannot take in goods, only donations of money are welcome, but most welcome !Please see how tom donate by hitting the donate button.

A Check for $6,000, was

A Check for $6,000, was recently sent to Sr Carmen for the Orphanage.

As you know we can only send financial donations as the Orphanage is located inSan Pedro, Honduras .
The Orphanage is for Special Needs children and adults as well. They are cared for for life , as the families are unable to give these children the special care they need.

Thank you all for your financial support and keep in mind that because the Orphanage is located in Central America, we cannot take goods, only money.