Ellie Szollosy

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Hi my name is Ellie and I live in Laguna Niguel California. I first was introduced to the children in the orphanage about 5 years ago. I traveled down with Jacquie and a group of her friends from Continental. She had been doing the trips for a few years and she asked me to join her. I was excited to go hearing all of the stories she shared and we always traveled well together. Her and I have seen a lot of this world together being we are both in the travel industry. One of the first stops on the three day mission was this orphanage. I knew that day I was changed forever. I left part of my heart in this orphanage. We have gotten to know pretty much all the kids in the orphanage and visit them as much as we possibly can. They have all become a part of my extended family. The first few trips we raised thousands of dollars and brought down boxes and boxes of all donated items. Medicines, brand new clothes, toys, etc. Soon we had so many donations we couldn't keep up! Everyones hardwork and dedication makes these trips a success and I am just happy to be a part of it all.