Good Samaritan Orphanage News

Dear Family and Friends,

August 2011 marked our most recent trip to San Pedro Sula, Honduras. The boys and I traveled down to visit family and the children at the orphanage.

It is always a joy to walk into a home and be greeted with unconditional smiles and hugs, many, many hugs. The children in the home are not shy about giving and wanting attention. The girls ask to have their hair brushed into a pony tail, others want to be taken out to the mango tree and to search for one to eat. Those who don't ask are content to simply follow us through the home. Their gazes fixed on us and happy to receive a smile or caress to the cheek. I walk out elated and torn, always wanting to give more.

Photo - In Physical Therapy room with Lidia, Maria Jose, Mitch and my niece Valeria.

The industrial washer and dryer many of you helped purchase have arrived and are operational after a year of raising $11,000 to buy them and arrange for shipping. What these tools mean is more free time for the nuns to devote to the children as well as dry clothes during the rainy months when their immune systems are low. Thank you to all who generously gave money for the washer and dryer.

Our board at "Friends of Good Samaritan" has had the pleasure of collaborating with a group of Honduran women who share our passion for helping the children. They are diligent in ensuring shipments are cleared through customs, buying special supplies or finding a doctor or specialist when needed. One is a physical therapist with years of experience who is building up supplies for the physical therapy room which is key for all these boys and girls who cannot use their muscles.

Photo - Reina and Jenifer wearing "Solmate Socks". Donations from Solmate Socks, Strafford, VT

Funding for the coming year will be used for:

* a hospital stretcher for moving kids from beds to shower. Currently the nuns risk back injury from lifting the children.
* shower chairs to support disabled children while showering.
* the building addition.

The construction of the building addition is an ongoing capital project. It will house 30 additional children beyond the current 70 as well as 25 elderly homeless women. To date $550,000 of the initial $700,000 project cost has been raised. A gap of $100,000 was filled this year through a combination of your donations and Honduran efforts. Many thanks! The completion of the project is coming into sight with the remaining money going toward windows, doors, plumbing, electrical, and furnishings. Sister Carmen sees each brick that goes up as a victory and is grateful for the advances.

Photo - Construction, view of new kitchen in addition

The orphanage continues to teach me every day I am there. Every reflection brings me to a new realization about faith, acceptance, losses and victories. We continue to reach out on their behalf for support. Any amount you contribute will help.

Please make a donation today at 100% of your donation goes directly to the orphanage. The non-profit consists of a small group of volunteers who rotate travel to San Pedro Sula (at their own expense) delivering a check to sister Carmen while catching up on changes and volunteering with the children.

You can donate via credit card at our paypal account found at:

Or mail a check to:
Friends of the Good Samaritan Orphanage, Inc.
13 Lombardy Drive
Wilmington, DE 19803

Thank you for your support.