Jacquelyn Dupras

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Jacquie serves as Vice President on the board.

"I have been an employee with Continental Airlines for 16 years. When I began to travel I saw the true poverty in our world. I felt the need to give back what I could. For the first few years I traveled to orphanages in The Ukraine. I have been going down to Honduras 1-3 times a year for the past 9 years.

Our group started out as a group of friends from Continental Airlines just trying to offer assistance in anyway we could. Throughout the years the donations grew and so did the group of people that wanted to help in our trips. Krystin, Ellie, and Ka-Dee have joined me and the Continental group on many trips. Every trip I was amazed and touched with the help that was being offerred to our group as well as donations that were pouring in; it became inevitable not to bring it to a larger scale and create a non profit.

These trips remind me that I really do not have any problems in my life compared to the lives of the Honduran people. Honduras is one of the poorest countries in this world. I realize that I have had so many more opportunities in my life just because I was lucky enough to have been born here within the states.

On one of our trips recently we had the pleasure of meeting Mary Ann Wozniak and we decided to join in our efforts and work together for the betterment of this orphanage that has touched all of our hearts and souls. It is truly a very special place that is in need of EVERYTHING."

Jacquie voluntarily left upper management with Continental Airlines to pursue other career opportunities after the trajedy of 9/11. She continues to work part time with Continental in EWR but is currently a full time real estate associate with Century 21 Charles Smith Agency serving primarily Middlesex, Monmouth, and Union Counties in NJ. She received her real estate license in 2004. Visit our organization on facebook.