A little more about us and what we do...

Friends of Good Samaritan (FOGS) is a group of women committed to assist the orphanage. Mary Ann is president and a great motivator as well as tireless fundraiser. Most of us have walked through the home and been touched by these children. Many of us aren't fund raisers by nature and we do what we can through letters to family friends. What we manage to raise is not huge. As we fundraise we send 100% of monies collected to Sister Carmen and the orphanage. Our philosophy has been to give and let them administer the funds as they see fit. These women have given their souls for the home and built it to the level it has reached today.

The last two years have brought Honduran women into our circle. They are not on our board but relationships are being built to allow for strong partnerships. They are "our feet in the home" and we listen and try to assist with items they perceive as valuable or important. Ultimately however, we respond to Sister Carmen, she is the decision maker. Sister Carmen is a strong woman with a clear vision and unwavering faith, we turn to her for the final say.

Historically their (Hermanas De Jesus Buen Samaritano) philosophy has been asking for "people to give from the heart" or "in what moves them". They prefer not to market or give recognition rather hand the donation to God who will reward the donor. They are also very strong about preventing pictures of the children from being displayed for fear of exploiting these children. We respect and honor their wishes. We try to describe the home and our experiences through words and use the pictures minimally or as needed.

We have recently come into contact with another organization called The World Orphan Fund. They have visited the orphanage and have met with the sisters and are excited and committed to assisting in our efforts. This group is what we sometimes refer to as, "God sent". We look forward to working with them in our near future.

An article recently printed in the San Pedro Sula newspaper and we wanted to attach the article. Please see below for the link. I will also add the English translation below. Please keep in mind we used google translate to translate this article so the words are not perfect.

Thank you and God Bless Jacquie Dupras

English translation of article..."Slowly and quietly develop a labor of love that has not already been enough physical space because every day there are more needy.

The Good Samaritan Home is a refuge for orphans with special disabilities have been left alone for various reasons. In that place have found the love and guidance they need served by the Sisters of the Good Samaritan Jesus congregation.

In 2008 began the construction of two buildings in order to expand coverage, but to the lack of financial resources to the works they lack finishes and equipment.

The Mother Superior, Carmen Bueso, runs home and share it but not like their work out into the public, do not want to miss a call for public solidarity to support them.

"We still need help to finish the project," he said.
Originally valued at 12 million lempiras, but the cost of materials for the finishes have increased and now need four million lempiras to finish.


When property is missing doors and windows. Municipal authorities offered to help with this, but so far have focused home.

Bueso said the public can also work with what they need to prepare it, you need to equip a pharmacy, kitchens and bedrooms.

"We need beds, cribs special as the ones in the hospital, metal, refrigerators, stoves. The needs are many, both drugs, food, hygiene products and other ", he said.

The Good Samaritan Home are served children and youth with physical or mental disabilities who have been abandoned by their parents or orphaned.
Currently residing in the home more than 50 children and adolescents. Share with them the religious Christian teachings, and despite his physical condition they are happy children.

The new building is intended to encourage more children and adolescents also seek to give shelter to the abandoned elderly, for it is also a haven built with single rooms.

In addition to the Sisters of Jesus the Good Samaritan, help with home aspirants, postulants and novices. They are also supported by a group of doctors including psychologists and priests. The City pays utilities like electricity and water, but this assistance still not enough.

The home survives on donations because there is no contribution from the Government through the Honduran Institute for the Family (IHNFA).

Formerly the home, working in San Pedro Sula for more than 20 years, was called "White City".

The sampedranos who like volunteering or visiting to share with children and young people and those who live at home can visit.
Families come to visit in order to develop in their children the gift of solidarity and gratitude to God.

On Tuesdays, Wednesdays Fridays and Saturdays from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm and from 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm doors open for those who wish to share their time.

Sunday from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. also allows the entry of visitors. "