Middle Schoolers know ‘no boundaries’

When it comes to determination in activating a plan, Tatiana knows no limits… it started with curiosity, then an interest in the children at the orphanage. “What do they need?” “How can we help?” she asked… It was a matter of days for her to alight on the idea of seeking help from her school and friends. She enlisted her guidance counselor then prepared presentations to her student council and within a week she had results!
The principal and student council approved an “Open House” dinner fund raiser for “Hogar de ninos Buen Samaritano”.
Plans were underway and with the guidance of her counselor and home economics teacher, seventh and eight grade students put together a menu consisting or authentic Honduran cuisine. Baleadas, Honduran “on the go” menu consisting of flour tortillas, re-friend beans, cheese, cream, avocado, eggs and sausage were assembled, pictures and slides of Honduras and the orphanage were featured in a family style buffet. Donations were collected and $507 dollars raised for the orphanage.
The power of children is compelling, their capacity for compassion and giving without self inflicted boundaries is refreshing and inspires us to overlook our own inhibitions.

Thank you to the students, staff and families at the Richmond Middle School in Hanover, NH for your energetic support!