New building: Hermanas de Jesus Buen Samaritano Orphanage - progress...

The nuns are committed. They patiently offer tours of the new building to anyone interested and willing to donate a few dollars. It's the way. Patience, faith and perseverance, five years in the making and still continues. "God willing" it will be completed this year and the loving nuns who give their lives to handicapped children can continue the tours. Not to strangers, but to their children as the wards are filled with beds, teddy bears and smiles.

A friend recently traveled to San Pedro Sula, Honduras and took many photos to apprise us of building progress. As we note, floor tiles, ceilings, electrical wiring, windows are in place. The building continues one step at a time. It started in 2008, five years later, it persists with small and large donations that represent hours or months of labor. The building will house 25 additional children as well as 25 homeless women.

The tours thus far, are worth $600,000. They must continue in order to meet the remaining $200,000 needed to complete the building. We’ve had the good fortune of receiving a commitment from members of the non-profit “World Orphan Fund” who visited the home this January 2013. They will raise $150,000 by Y.E. 2013. Our non-profit “Friends of Good Samaritan” is committed to raise the remaining $50,000.
Will you help us raise this remaining amount in 2013? It will free the nuns to offer the tours they'd really like to give: to their own children.