New Building will be open by years end!

We were not able to fundraise as well as we normally do the past year. We are trying to do a huge push at years end to make up for the year. Discussions of a benefit are in the works in NJ. We are looking for companies or businesses to help in the benefit as a write off. If you know any company that may want to assist please have them contact Jacquie @ 908 456 5336. To everyone that has assisted us the past few years we could not have done everything we did, without your help, support, and encouragement! The new building that has been under construction for 5+ years is opening and will start to be used in 2015!!! We also have a few troops of girl scouts and boy scouts making holiday cards for the kids. Please let me know if you are also interested. We also have a continuous shoe drive going on with Shoe recycling. We collect old shoes and donate them to shoebox recycling, they in turn pay us $20 per box collected. If you are interested helping us collect old shoes it is easy to do! Set up a box in a school, church, temple, etc! All money collected goes to orphanage 100% of it!