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I just returned from Honduras. Part of my trip was to work at Cure International , helping with Orthopedic Surgeries for children. The other part of my trip was to visit the Orphanage! B Long and I went there with a friend on Friday afternoon where we were greeted with open arms! We met a group of women and men that volunteer on a regular basis as well as their children! They were so happy to know that we Americans care enough to provide financial help so that the nuns, with the help of volunteers can continue their work with these Special Needs Children.
We were able to bring a check for $19,000, and the Industrial washer and dryer will get there as soon as customs clears. The local volunteers have made us new brochures in English , and made a CD that we can use for fund raising efforts. Together we hope to make a difference for these children !

March , 2011

We are about to ship the Industrial Washer and Dryer to the Orphanage ! We have been working very hard to raise the money to cover this expense as well as have money to give to Sr Carmen when B Long and I go to Honduras on March 25.I am happy to say that we should be able to take about $18000 with us, for the Orphanage. Some of this Money will be used for Physical Therapy for the children, some for equipment to aid the nuns that care for the children, and some for the new building under construction.

Century 21 Charles Smith Agency, Sayreville and Edison NJ

Many thanks to the team of Century 21 Charles Smith Agency for holding a fundraiser at their company's Holiday Party last evening. The team of real estate associates and their brokers raised $1000.00. 100% of the money raised will go directly to the kids and their needs. Thank you very much Century 21 Charles Smith Agency. Also a special thank you to Maryann Bonis from the Sayreville office; she made a personal donation of $250.00.

West Goshen Goddard School

Many thanks to West Goshen Goddard School for another fundraiser in October of this year. They partnered with Barnes and Noble and had a book drive for the kids. We received a few boxes of Spanish speaking children's books to give out next time we go down there. Many thanks West Goshen Goddard School!!!!

Anna Kate Mackle runs marathon for orphanage

This will be my fourth marathon - previously I have run the NY, San Francisco and Gasparilla Tampa Bay marathons - but it will be the most meaningful for me because it is the first time I am raising money for a charity.

Many thanks for your support -- and please feel free to forward this to anyone who you think might want to donate too!
Anna Kate Mackle originally from Westfield NJ

Richmond Middle School's help

After fundraising till 7:30 pm on Wednesday June 2nd, Tatiana and her School, Richmond MIddle School had raised $500 for the orphanage. At an open house dinner which served an Honduran cuisine for students and parents. To eat the food people gave donation. Many were very generous, so at the end of the night Tatiana and her school raised $500.
The same week the school held a talent show. By the end of night the school was very generous by donating around $500 so then final total of money that went orphanage was almost $1000!
Thanks Richmond Middle School for all the Help

Middle Schoolers know ‘no boundaries’

When it comes to determination in activating a plan, Tatiana knows no limits… it started with curiosity, then an interest in the children at the orphanage. “What do they need?” “How can we help?” she asked… It was a matter of days for her to alight on the idea of seeking help from her school and friends. She enlisted her guidance counselor then prepared presentations to her student council and within a week she had results!
The principal and student council approved an “Open House” dinner fund raiser for “Hogar de ninos Buen Samaritano”.
Plans were underway and with the guidance of her counselor and home economics teacher, seventh and eight grade students put together a menu consisting or authentic Honduran cuisine. Baleadas, Honduran “on the go” menu consisting of flour tortillas, re-friend beans, cheese, cream, avocado, eggs and sausage were assembled, pictures and slides of Honduras and the orphanage were featured in a family style buffet. Donations were collected and $507 dollars raised for the orphanage.
The power of children is compelling, their capacity for compassion and giving without self inflicted boundaries is refreshing and inspires us to overlook our own inhibitions.

Thank you to the students, staff and families at the Richmond Middle School in Hanover, NH for your energetic support!

Hot for Lemonade?

Six children (two families) in Hanover NH, were motivated… not only for lemonade, but for raising funds through selling lemonade.
The children ranging in ages thirteen to seven got busy with making lemonade and signs reading “Lemonade 4 Honduras” then off to the street they went.
Three hours later, on a HOT spring day, lots of lemonade was drunk and $67 dollars were raised.
Two other neighboring families have expressed their interest in selling lemonade to raise more funds for “Hogar de Ninos Buen Samaritano”.

Kids helping kids a heart warming endeavor!

The Goddard School in West Goshen Pennsylvania and Barnes and Noble fundraiser for the children April 14-17th 2010

The Goddard School and Barnes and Noble have partnered to host a Book Fair to raise money for books for the Friends of the Good Samaritan Orphanage in Honduras.
Please visit to support us online
4/14/2010-4/17/2010 and
use Bookfair ID 10173425 at the checkout!

On the main B&N Website scroll to the bottom under Barnes and Noble Services there is a link for Bookfairs. Place your order and when you get to the place for credit card info there will be a box marked Bookfair, check the box and then you can put in the Id # 10173425! Thank you for your support!

The Goddard School will be hosting Story Time with a Suprise Guest character on Thursday, April 15th at 6:00p.m. at Barnes and Noble on Main Street in Exton, PA!
Please stop by Barnes and Noble in Exton, PA or place an order online to help us raise money for books for the children in the Orphanage. A percentage of 15% or more of your purchase will go towards this fundraiser. Thank You for your Support!

The Goddard School and Barnes and Noble Book Fair to raise funds for the orphanage