Good Samaritan Orphanage located in San Pedro Sula, Honduras calls itself a children's home. Like a big family, the nuns keep the children healthy by bathing, feeding and caring for them. They provide physical therapy for most of the children as the majority are wheel chair bound or spend their day in bed. These children ranging in ages from one to twenty four suffer from ailments such as hydrocephalus, cerebral palsy, spina bifeda (neural tube defects), blindness and muscular dystrophy or mental retardation.

Sister Maria del Carmen Huezo Superiora founded the children's home in 1989, she saw ailing children in the streets who needed care and a home. She started the mission in a small home with about five children in a neighborhood of San Pedro Sula. The home was "faith based" as there were no funds but a strong belief in this mission; through prayer, creating awareness and asking for help, she was able to expand and find a larger location into which 65 more children were adopted. Sister Carmen states: "if we needed a stove, we prayed and within days some restaurant owner called and asked if we wanted their stove as they were upgrading to a newer model. God has been on our side, just as we are consuming our last bag of rice, someone arrives at our doorstep stating they had an urge to donate rice." "Our home is blessed with loving children who support and help one another, those who have use of their hands feed those who do not."

Sister Carmen has the support of five senior nuns who help lead by specializing in areas of interest such as nursing, physical therapy, fundraising, these nuns learn and specialize in their respective areas of care and share their knowledge with the others. At the end of the day, they all pull together in cooking, laundry, bathing and caring for the children.

Due to the severity of their conditions some of the children die from resulting health complications, especially in the rainy months...however, they receive the care and joy they deserved during their time on earth.