There is a SCAM out on Facebook requesting $$ for Friends of the Good Samaritan . I have had calls from CA, and NM this week. The Scam sender is claiming to represent Joel Osteem, a Christian Evangelist. Please do not send a donation related to this notice ! We would love to have your donation , or invite you to learn more about the very Special Needs Orphange located in Honduras, but we have not sent out any requests through Facebook in this manner! Thank you .

Recently I have hear from new

Recently I have hear from new friends interested in helping the Orphanage. Great news ! If you are interested in donating to the orphanage , please send all checks to :
Friends of the Good Samaritan Orphanage
13 Lombardy Dr
Wilmington DE 19803-3961

All donations go to the Orphanage! You may contact me, Mary Ann Wozniak, Pres. At 302-762-4937. Leave a message and best time to return your call. Than you again for any and all donation.