Welcome to Friends of Good Samaritan Orphanage

Friends of The Good Samaritan Orphanage is a non-profit charity which strives to enhance the lives of children with physical and mental special needs living in an orphanage named "Hogar de Ninos Buen Samaritano" located in San Pedro Sula, Honduras. This organization's mission is to raise funds to support the children's daily needs, quality of life and a building expansion effort to increase the capacity of handicapped children and add abandoned elder women to the existing community of 70 boys and girls.

Several people in the United States have experienced the joy and blessing of walking into the orphanage, via different paths, and meeting the children as well as the nuns who care for them. The orphanage touches the lives of all who arrive through the compassionate care of the nuns as well as the exuberant energy and happiness the children express when visited. These people found one another through their common passion for the orphanage and decided to join together to establish and fund-raise for the children's home.

"Hogar de Ninos Buen Samaritano" is run by Sister Maria del Carmen Huezo Superiora, she and her staff of eleven sisters and novices enrich the lives of boys and girls adopted into the children's home since 1989. Their guiding philosophy is the dignity of each person and the promotion of life. "We cannot change the world, but with our experience we can influence, our family life, our work, our community giving to others."

The children they adopt are those abandoned by parents who cannot care for them due to their handicaps, they reach the home via referrals from public hospitals or folks who drop the children off at their gate. The children are received with love, care, respect, dignity and stimulation from all who live in the home.

Thank you for taking the time to visit our website and your interest in our organization.